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Trust the process! Visible results in 2weeks

With jade rollers, you can still make it a self-care activity, but think of gua sha as more of a yoga practice for your face, whereas jade rollers are more of a quick skincare pick-me-up you can use at any time

Another Ancient Chinese practice that helps stimulate drainage from the face and improve blood circulation is the Gua Sha stone. This is the practice of scraping a blunt hand-held tool made of bone, jade, or stone along the skin on any body part. On anywhere other than the face it is applied with more force as the skin is thicker and more force is needed to stimulate blood flow. On the face, gentler force is used. It is necessary to follow the flow lines along the body so that the blood and lymphatic vessels are appropriately stimulated. The increased blood flow leads to multiple healing benefits in the body overall and in the skin.

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