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Brand Profile

Mission Statement – Our mission at Lady VWB nature is to make sure we are spreading

the knowledge with recommendations of adapting to a routine format for their life and how to

properly use natural products that have wound healing properties and for people to

experience the great health benefits in our products. We also have fun making some of

our natural products fresh when customers order. 


Vision Statement – Continue growth and development of our business to create

generational wealth for my daughter Vatina to become a business owner at the age of 18 and to

potentially generate products to be sold all over the country. 

Company Core Values –  Leadership- I dare to shape a better future. 

Collaboration -Leverage in Networking 

Accountability -If it is to be, it's up to me 

Passion-Committed in heart and mind 

Diversity-inclusive marketing rises above those stereotypes, showing that a brand cares

about its customers across all demographics.

Integrity-Be authentic 

Quality -What we do at Lady Vwb Nature ‘We do well​​​

Differentiation/Competitive Advantage –  Using healthier ingredients FDA approved USDA Certified organic ingredients 100% Therapeutic essential oils, No Added Phthalate, No Added Parabens, No Added Glutenin Added Sulfates

 HUAMI magazine

Education and Work Experience ​​​

  • Master's degree in Hospitality and Management educated in chemistry and holistic remedies. 

  • High skill in time efficiency /time management 

  • Customer service skills

  • Operations management 

  • CMI certified (Custodian Management)

  • Microsoft word, excel, Sales exp​​​

  • Continued education Holistic Nutritionist 

  • Us Black Chambers Certification 

  • Graduated from Shaniece Wise's 6-figure business coaching program. 

  •  Studied-

  • Biology

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Microbiology


Unique Promise of Value – Our company is known for creativity, enthusiasm, and intelligence by serving each client with respect, giving them individual attention, and treating them with unconditional positive regard. I am an expert in my field and use my knowledge to help customers excel in their skincare journey.​​​

Brand Statement –   I love to see others do great things in their lives. If I can teach and guide someone into their successful skincare journey, and they know the result by trusting the process within themselves, then we are doing our job and diligence.  Nothing won't work if you don't work.

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