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- About The Brand -

Star of Bethlehem_

My entrepreneurship started when I obtained my MBA degree. I am the most focused and driven person I have been in my whole career in Hospitality and management, which I have been doing for 22 years. I love being of exemplary service to people.​

I have been using natural products for 11years. 

I have experimented on anything for my hair, skin, and nails to find the best alternative to fit my needs that will help me embrace natural beauty. I also implemented a routine of drinking tea and infused waters to get all the nutrients and mineral benefits and became a pescatarian. I added yoga into my routine life, which was a great decision that I made for my life.

I want to share this with the world. MY FACE BROKE OUT before I started my natural living journey, making and using natural herbs and products. I had cystic acne and dark marks. I never thought my hair would shed like water and never grow. I have combination skin(my skin changed when the weather changed). It sucked. I researched and tried different methods that worked successfully for my hair, skin, and nails. This platform is also for my daughter Vatina  Williams who is 15 years old. She is an upcoming entrepreneur to become a business owner at 18 years old. When Vatina became a teenager, she started to suffer from acne breakouts; this was the perfect opportunity for us to work together educating on nutrition, chemistry, natural herbalism, holistic remedies adapting to using and growing natural herbs and using the correct dilution ratios of genuine 100% therapeutic essential oils for external and internal the ending results of how this will benefit the human body.
Our mission at Lady VWB nature is to make sure we are spreading the knowledge with recommendations of adapting to a standard format for your life and how to properly use natural products that have wound healing properties and incredible health benefits. We also have fun making some of our natural products fresh when customers order.


About Our Products?

Everyone will love the natural scents of our products. You will experience the spa effect when you use our handcrafted bath bombs that come in 6 scents, enjoy the sensual clay mixed face mask that fights acne and dark marks and make your face smooth and tight and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. You should always follow up with a hydrating facial serum that we have loaded with natural vitamins, brightening, and more to reduce dark marks and fight acne, leaving your face oh so soft. We also have a luscious beard oil for men to increase growth, fight breakouts, and hydrate their skin. Who doesn't love a good body scrub, especially during the winter months? If you have dry skin or eczema, you will experience the ultimate moisturizing your body needs. We have two kinds of scrubs, Turmeric and Neem, that will help brighten and reduce dark marks and reduce cellulite. We also have a Lavender and patchouli scrub. Cellulite solutions cream /Anti-cellulite oil that will amaze you with all-natural ingredients to help brighten, tighten, and smooth out your body.  I encourage you to come to experience the healing of nature. 

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